ARM18PCORI Sustaining Partnershipspanel reactor presenter 6.18 HERE

IPFCC ACP CPPH PFAs at Conferences 6.18

IPFCC NAM stakeholders Disparities 6.18

Patient and Family Centered Conference Open Notes 3.18 HERE

​PCORI Ambassador Pre Annual Meeting Conference 10.17 HERE

Patient Advisor Low Value Care Research HERE Slides 2017 HERE

Patient Partner PFCC /  PFAN Slides 2017 HERE

KPWHRI/ PCORI posted blog 2016/2017 HERE​​

PFANetwork monthly webinar ​HERE ​ my slide deck starts at 27:17

* 2016

JPCRR "Connecting Primary Care Patients to Their Communities"

PMJ: "Learning to “Swim” with the Experts: Experiences of Two Patient Co-Investigators"

* 2015

Group Health Research Institute  "When Patients Become Researchers"

* 2013

​Medical Home Newsletter "Connecting Patients and Clinicians to Their Communities"  Dr. Clarissa Hsu PhD and Janice Tufte

PCORI Board of Governors Meeting 9/23/13 co-presented LINCC project *found archived at events.mediasite.com 06:46:21/07:18:59

Learning Health System Implementation Kaiser Washngton​  Learning to Integrate Neighborhoods with Clinical Care -

          LINCC  KPWHRI project HERE          

The  LINCC Community Resource Specialist - our CRS Intervention is now a clinic position to be offered at all 26 Kaiser Washington clinics CRS video:​

* Janice Tufte on the importance of communicating as a Patient Co-Investigator working with LINCC GHRI /KPWHRI Science and Delivery Teams video for PCORI. Watch HERE

*Do You know about Open Notes ?                                                                Ask your provider if you have them! Read more HERE

Islamic Health Care: Birth to Death PresentationHERE

*Perhaps you or your organization are interested in becoming a reviewer on a medical guidelines panel.  Learn more about Consumer United Evidence CUE  HERE

Free On Line Courses HERE

Cochrane Reviewer Trainings HERE 

More about Cochrane HERE

LINCC - Learning to Integrate Neighborhoods with Clinical Care KPWHRI Improving Health Services Project

Principal Investigator  Dr. Clarissa Hsu Phd  

Patient Co-I's Michele Robbins &  Janice Tufte 

PCORI funded project

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What is a Patient Partner in Health Research?          CERTAIN UW Patient Advisors share .

Janice Tufte Patient Partner CVM 

Hassanah Health Blog

Patient Partners at Medical Conferences Brochure

Is Your Conference Patient Accredited  ?


Patient Partner Opportunities

Putting Care at the Center Conference 12/ 5-7/18 Chicago

Choosing Wisely Champion Story or Leadership                                                   Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care PFACconnects

Patient Accredited Conferences

​​*Patient or Provider? Familiarize yourself with overuse, underuse in health care  www.choosingwisely.org portal

​​Muslims for Evidence Based Healthcarewww.mebhc.org

​* facebook  Muslims For Evidence Based Health Care

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  PatientPrioritiesCare Website

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