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Putting Care at the Center Conference 12/ 5-7/18 Chicago

Choosing Wisely Champion Story or Leadership                                                   Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care PFACconnects

Patient Accredited Conferences

Is Your Conference Patient Accredited  ?

*Perhaps you or your organization are interested in becoming a reviewer on a medical guidelines panel.  Learn more about Consumer United Evidence CUE  HERE

Free On Line Courses HERE

Cochrane Reviewer Trainings HERE 

More about Cochrane HERE

LINCC - Learning to Integrate Neighborhoods with Clinical Care KPWHRI Improving Health Services Project

Principal Investigator  Dr. Clarissa Hsu Phd  

Patient Co-I's Michele Robbins &  Janice Tufte 

PCORI funded project

ARM18PCORI Sustaining Partnershipspanel reactor presenter 6.18 HERE

IPFCC ACP CPPH PFAs at Conferences 6.18

IPFCC NAM stakeholders Disparities 6.18

Patient and Family Centered Conference Open Notes 3.18 HERE

​PCORI Ambassador Pre Annual Meeting Conference 10.17 HERE

Patient Advisor Low Value Care Research HERE Slides 2017 HERE

Patient Partner PFCC /  PFAN Slides 2017 HERE

KPWHRI/ PCORI posted blog 2016/2017 HERE​​

PFANetwork monthly webinar ​HERE ​ my slide deck starts at 27:17

* 2016

JPCRR "Connecting Primary Care Patients to Their Communities"

PMJ: "Learning to “Swim” with the Experts: Experiences of Two Patient Co-Investigators"

* 2015

Group Health Research Institute  "When Patients Become Researchers"

* 2013

​Medical Home Newsletter "Connecting Patients and Clinicians to Their Communities"  Dr. Clarissa Hsu PhD and Janice Tufte

PCORI Board of Governors Meeting 9/23/13 co-presented LINCC project *found archived at events.mediasite.com 06:46:21/07:18:59

Learning Health System Implementation Kaiser Washngton​  Learning to Integrate Neighborhoods with Clinical Care -

          LINCC  KPWHRI project HERE          

The  LINCC Community Resource Specialist - our CRS Intervention is now a clinic position to be offered at all 26 Kaiser Washington clinics CRS video:​

* Janice Tufte on the importance of communicating as a Patient Co-Investigator working with LINCC GHRI /KPWHRI Science and Delivery Teams video for PCORI. Watch HERE

*Do You know about Open Notes ?                                                                Ask your provider if you have them! Read more HERE


What is a Patient Partner in Health Research?          CERTAIN UW Patient Advisors share .

Islamic Health Care: Birth to Death PresentationHERE

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Focus on Patient preferences,values and goals ?  read:

  PatientPrioritiesCare Website

​​Muslims for Evidence Based Healthcarewww.mebhc.org

​* facebook  Muslims For Evidence Based Health Care

​​*Patient or Provider? Familiarize yourself with overuse, underuse in health care  www.choosingwisely.org portal

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