Left : Three Amigos

Imam Jamal Rahman, Reverend Don McKenzie and Rabbi Ted Falcon

Right: Reverend Anja Helmon's Lutheran Ordination before Ministering at Northlake

Left: Elders Lorraine and Ken with Dr. Umar and Ali Newman Right: Srs at Duwamish Lodge, Upper

Right: Sacred Retreat Bay

The Togetherness Institute has created above beautiful introduction to the Interfaith Cooperation Educational Series you will discover HERE

AboveHonorable Chief Phil Lane leading the Sacred Crazy Horse Ceremony at the Annual Praise and Thanksgiving Service, Below Interfaith Harmony Week Seattle U. (both 2014)

RSVP March 31st 2016 The Church Council of Greater Seattle Annual Meeting at St Marks Bloedel Hall

Below Kanjin Cedarman and I, guests at Amma on one of her Annual visits to North America

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Interfaith Collaboration


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Center for Religious Wisdom and World Affairs HERE

​Learn about the Parliament of Worlds Religions HERE


" Recognizing two Excused Days for Faith and or Conscience" SB 5173 signed spring 2014 WA State

          Many faiths collaboration coming together for a common cause

Kwel Hoy'  Lummi  ToteM Pole Journey

Seattle August 12th 2014 More HERE

KIds 4 Peace

Welcome Kids4Peace to Washington State! We now have a local chapter and are excited that the summer peace camp is to be held this August. Local youth Abrahamic representatives will be hosting visiting youth Abrahamic representatives  from Jerusalem, where they will gather to experience each others faith traditions, dialog, and have fun!

Educational Consulting    HASSANAH         

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