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Ramadan May 16/17 - June 15/16 2018 Take the Challenge to Better Care for the Earth, to be Effective Earth Friendly Stewards!

​Start a Greening Project this Ramadan at your Masjid, School or Workplace. Share your "Greening Strategies with the Ummah and Community!

Upcoming Events:

All Iftars May 15 - June 15th 2017 during Ramadan holy month, bring your own place setting!

 You are invited to your local Mosque at Sunset, please join us!

Past Events:

June 6th-July 5th '16 Recycling, Renewing & Reusing at Masjids, Islamic Centers and Homes during Ramadan

June 18th-July 16th '15 Youth Greening efforts expanding, helping families to be more conscientious

May 20th '14 10-12  "Keeping Moral Compass in an Imbalanced World,  the Qibla Janice Tufte lectures Seattle

May 17th '14 Noon-4 PM UW Islamic House (bring your own place-setting) "Zero Waste Picnic" with MSAUW Sarah Jawaid with


 Seattle University Earth Community: Earth Ethics Taught by Dr. Cynthia Moe-Lobeda  

We All Reside on one earth


It is up to us to ensure the health of future generations. We must work together as One Globe,                                  One World and find ways to create a sustainable healthy holistic environment with all communities kept in mind.

This Ramadan each of us is able to cut useless waste through Bringing our own plates, silverware, beverage glass and washable napkins to any iftar held at a Mosque, Community center or Islamic school!

    Renew * Recycle * Reuse

Greener Ramadan