Educational Consulting    HASSANAH         

Catalyst for Positive Change

Dr. Michael Trice

Seattle U STM

Assistant Dean of Ecumenical  and Interreligious Dialogue

 " Janice Tufte is a high energy, indefatigable and dedicated professional, with a commitment to ending homelessness. Janice is entrepreneurial in her approach in working with others, brings insights through well-organized presentations, and is reliable for both creative expression and teamwork. It is a joy to work with Janice, and I hope more opportunities will be provided to do so in the months and years ahead ."


  • Resource Specialist
  • Research Focused
  • Values Based Advisor
  • Networker/ Connector
  • Vision Implementer
  • Brochures /  Resource Lists



 I will assist you with your specific needs for your organization, agency or school, tailored to your unique perspective and desired outcome. Janice Tufte has decades of experience offering small solutions to the larger challenges and barriers poverty and inequality often bring to the table. Compassionate customer satisfaction is always a priority when expanding your  business or building upon your creative ideas.

Catalyst for Positive Change

I am looking forward to assisting you in identifying what key points are missing in your business plan; suggest trainings, and processes to take your service to the next level.* WarmforWinter  initiated after a rise in the popularity of knitting; then partnered art with the gift of giving, where to date 43,000 handmade hats and scarves have been handed to neighbors in need.

Once you have decided what exactly you are looking for, what  is needed and applicable, I will help to oversee the implementation process from start to finish. * Emergency Muslim Resource Guides were developed on the real need for identifying / listing resources for diverse communities in three counties.

I will work with you in determining the best plan of action in laying out a map of how to monitor your unique key performance indicators at 3- 4 week intervals, adjusting strategies as needed. *The Islamic Civic Engagement Project has educated on advocacy and disseminated civic engagement opportunities focusing on the disenfranchised since 2007.

Utilization of client centered preferred assessment tools found most effective for individuals, specific groups and organizations. Recognition of what you are seeking for your organization, then a deeper discussion about your brand and or product advertising.*GreenerRamadan

stems from our need to recycle, renew, reuse.